About us


To me the very purpose of quality education is character building children are malleable, who can be shaped in to persons of excellence by their teachers. As responsible teachers, we have to be exemplary to our students if we want them to be assets to the society and nation.

The kind of education we impart to a child at NPS lays the foundation of life and shapes its density. This explains all our concerns and anxieties of education. It is a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in the field of education, that NPS was established and is making rapid progress in enhancing its potential and changing its outlook towards providing better resources required to impart the best all round quality education laced with morality & discipline.

It is a matter of pride for everyone associated with NPS that we have evolved and successfully implemented a system which caters for social, moral, physical and emotional development of our children. I am delighted to note that the years of thoughtful and result oriented work has started yielding good returns. The high quality of work is visible in every undertaking. NPS will not be complacent with this achievement but strive harder to improve and sustain its level of efficiency.

Our dedicated and conscientious staff has student learning and welfare as their main goal. A mixture of experienced and early career teachers provide purposeful and engaging learning activities which cater for all students.